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    Y4 North America WOW Homework

    23 January 2017 (by KHamilton)

    Last week Y4 took the opportunity to proudly display their Wow homework.

    The theme was North America, and the Year 4 staff have been blown away by the quality and variety of projects. Clay models of Mount Rushmore, Statues of Liberty, Empire State buildings made from Lego cardboard and gingerbread dominated the skyline. Some truly spectacular bridges- Golden Gate, Brooklyn and Manhattan spanned the gaps between displays, and working volcanoes provided an element of danger to the day! History was shown with Native American art and totem work, while topically the White House was well represented with some imperious models. An interactive guide to New York City, a cityscape crafted out of metal and a model of Route 66 all deserved attention as well. Some children took a different approach, and some novel and truly impressive research projects were undertaken. The range, depth and accuracy of these projects was absolutely stunning. Fantastic researching skills are clearly a theme in Year 4! A huge thanks to all the children and parents who supported this project- be it helping with projects at home, or attending the exhibition on Wednesday. More photos in the gallery.