Bridlington Road, Driffield, East Yorkshire YO25 5HN

Tel: 01377 253371


Driffield Junior School

Caring, learning, sharing - Success for all

Mrs L Laird,

Mrs R Dixon,
Deputy Headteacher and
Pupil Premium Champion

Mrs L Tate:
Child & Family Support and
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr S Addy
Year 3 Leader

Miss O Rizan
Year 6 Leader

Mrs J Broadbent
Year 5 Leader

Mrs H Mudd
Year 4 Leader

Mrs V Holgate
Special Educational
and Disabilities
Co-ordinator (SENDco)

Mrs K Hamilton
School Business Manager

Class Teachers


Year 3




Mr S Addy (3 days) (Year Group Leader)/ Mrs C Greenaway (Thursday & Friday)


Mrs B Beecroft


Mrs K Cartwright


Mr D Lowe


Mrs I Stoner (4 days)  / Mrs S Berriman (Thursday)




Year 4


Mrs H Mudd (Year Group Leader)


Mrs T Grant (4 days) / Mrs C Greenaway (Thursday)


Mr M Hemmerman 


Mr J Welbourn




Year 5


Mrs J Broadbent (Year Group Leader)


Mr A Inns


Mrs L Naylor


Miss R Westerby




Year 6


Mrs O Beggs-Reid (Year Group Leader)


Miss K Barnes (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)/ Mrs E Robinson (Thursday, Friday)


Mrs N Harrison


Mrs Mattimoe


Miss H Wilson



Nurture Class      

Mrs H Pope  HLTA (Nurture Lead) (ELSA) , Miss E Clark (ELSA)


Higher Level Teaching Assistant (HLTA) Team (cover for Teacher’s PPA time)

Mrs H Pope, Mrs C Branigan, Mrs A Chesterfield, Miss E Clark, Mrs P Jibson, Mr A Wilkinson


Teaching Assistants

Miss R Berriman, Mrs S Berriman,  Mrs A Chesterfield, Mrs C Hampshire, Miss E Clark (ELSA),  Mrs E Dobson, Mrs D Ewing, Mrs M Greaves, Miss Z Grimshaw, Mrs J Hall, Mrs K Harding, Mrs E Howe, Mrs L Hudson, Miss H Hyde,  Mrs P Jibson, Mrs A Jones, Mrs T Kidd,  Mrs D Lister,  Mrs K Marshall,  Mrs L McDonald,  Ms K Phipps, Mrs L Rollo, Mrs r Rothwell, Mrs K Ryder, Mrs V Salter, Mrs J Sedman, Mrs M Smith, Mrs J Snowden, Mrs L Sutton, Mrs S Thomson, Mrs C Trowsdale,  Miss S Watson, Mr A Wilkinson, Mrs K Whitfield.


Administration Team

Mrs K Hamilton  - School Business Manager, Miss C Passmore - Office Manager, Mrs S Scott, Miss E Warcup, and Mrs M Cawthorne.


Lunchtime Team

Miss H Hyde(Senior Supervisor), Miss J Connors,  Mrs S Hodgson, Mrs G Headley, Mrs R Little and Mrs J Wood, Miss L Dobson


Catering Team

Mrs T Berriman (Cook), Mrs J Heron, Mrs C Chesterfield, Miss L Parker


Caretaking & Cleaning Team

Mr B Watson & Mr N Stead (Caretakers)

Miss E Brotherton, Mrs S Brotherton, Mrs A Hyde,  Mrs S Orford, Mrs C Turton.


Senior Leadership Team

Mrs L Laird Headteacher
Mrs R Dixon Deputy Headteacher
Mrs V Holgate SENDCO
Mrs H Mudd Year group leader/English Co-ordinator
Mrs J Broadbent Year group leader
Miss O Rizan Year group leader
Mr S Addy Year group leader/Maths Co-ordinator
Mrs L Tate Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs K Hamilton School Business Manager