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Our normal daily timetable is currently suspended due to Coronavirus restrictions.

Please contact the school office for current information.

Daily Timetable



The school day officially begins when the bell is rung at 9.00am.  Children are expected to line up in their class groups on the playground and they will be met and escorted into school by a teacher from their year group.  The school day then runs as follows:-


9.00 am  Admission bell
10.30 - 10.45 Morning Break
12.00 - 1.00 pm Lower School Lunch
12.15 - 1.15 pm Upper School Lunch
2.15 - 2.30 Afternoon break
3.30 Close


Arrangements for arriving at and leaving school


There are two ways into school; Bridlington Road (Main Entrance) and Wansford Road.  As a general rule, children may enter school by the most convenient route. Both pedestrian entrances to the school will be opened at 8.30am, when a member of staff is on duty at each gate and supervisors will be on duty in the playground.  We recommend that children come to school for around 8.50am. 


On very wet mornings, a bell will be rung at 8.50am and children will be allowed to go into their classrooms where they can get on quietly with some work, reading, etc., until 9.00am.  Usually, teachers will be preparing for the school day at this time, but on these mornings, teachers will be in classrooms to supervise children from 8.50am.  Children cannot be allowed into school before 8.50am unless they are specifically asked to help a teacher to set up classroom activities for the day and no children should be on the school site before 8.30am, unless attending breakfast club.


We ask for your co-operation in not parking near any school gates as you drop off or collect your child from school.


Access Arrangements During Extreme Weather


During extreme weather, when the site may be covered with snow or ice, we will only open the main gate on Bridlington Road and pupils will go straight into the school halls with their bags and coats.  Pupils will then be collected by their teacher and escorted safely to their classrooms at 9am.  


We would ask for your help in not bringing children to school before 8.50 where possible.


Should the occasion arise when we do not have enough staff on site to safely open we will make use of our text messaging service, website, Radio Humberside and Viking FM to make announcements.