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Distance learning 2020

Online Resources- Click the website name or picture to visit

If viewing on the app, scroll to the bottom for DJS home book work

Website What is it? Recommended use

BBC Bitesize online learning


Bitesize has 150 new lessons every week to keep you on track with your learning.

You'll find lessons for homeschooling in every year group/

Click on  the weekly schedule to see what is available this week,

Click on "Daily Lesson" and find the year group you need

Fit these lessons into your own timetable that is working for you and your family

Oak National Academy 

Similar to the BBC lessons above, this gives a weekly schedule and a range of lessons for children. The maths in particular is effective and is broken down by topic really well..

Either use the schedule to do the suggested lessons for each day, or search by subject and look for lessons that you need- eg stuck with something in the homepack? Search for the lesson here.

DJS Maths

Our maths support page. Videos showing all the methods we use in school and links to lots of online resources

We are adding to this all the time, so keep coming back and checking!

Maths: Mathletics


Online maths activities. Class teachers will direct pupils to activities to complete. There is also free play and "Live Mathletics" allowing competition around the world. Aim to complete 1 activity a day and achieve a 1 bronze certificate a week.

Maths: Time Tables Rock Stars


Fun game for working on improving your times tables and becoming a Rock Legend.

Lots of different modes, including competitive online play.

15 mins a day - at least 1x soundcheck a week. Track your progress graph.


Maths: Hit the button

Fantastic game that builds confidence recalling key mathematical facts. Players choose what level of difficulty, and what range of facts to recall.

Play individually on a regular basis and track your scores on a table in your workbook.

Or play competitive games against family members!


Maths: Topmarks

Huge range of games that cover all areas of maths- can you beat your own scores?

Try the other games on this website as well- one of the best collections.

https://www.topmarks.co.uk/money/toy-shop-money is an excellent money game

Maths: Maths frame

Range of free maths game to try. Usually behind a paywall, they have been made free during this period.

Try out these games while free! Write a review of them in your home book. 

The Maths Factor

Carol Vorderman's maths pack- has been made free while schools are closed. Requires registration, but is free!

Went live  24.3.20- servers initially overloaded, try in coming days to register.

General- Learning by Questions


Questions broken down by year group and subject.  This is is one of the best organised sites available. 

When you click on a subject, it generates questions for you to answer- this can be done independently or with support

General: Classroom secrets kids

A huge range of interactive online games for all subjects.

These are organised by year group and by subject making it easy to navigate

This is a very new site, and some of it is only just coming online- it is free at the moment, and is very promising!

Spelling: Spelling shed

Online spelling games- this is the weekly spelling homework normally.

Players earn points for completing games.

Complete weekly spellings. If spellings are no longer set, practice the words you have previously been set.

Spelling- Spelling frame

Spelling practice in a range of online games. A lot are currently free.

Work on one word list a week, and play games. Combine with written practise! 

Geography: Oddizzi 


Research the world and play quizzes.Check class leader board to see if they are in the top 10.

Complete 1 quiz a week.

Geography/History: Virtual tours

Virtual tours  of places around the world Links further down the page are aimed at older children and adults.

Explore! Use to help with home pack research topics, or make up your own!

Geography/History: Google Earth

A really powerful resource that allows you to go anywhere in the world- you can go on tours and get further information about places.

Hit "I feel lucky" to be flown to a random location

Try "Voyages"

Scouts- The Great Indoors

A link to the scouts website with lots of "do at home" activities".

Try them out! Record anything exciting as a video or as a recount in your homebook.

Online Safety

A range of regularly updated games that allow children to understand how to stay safe online and improve their understanding of the internet.

Work through together!

For further ideas, visit the DJS online safety page.

Computer coding: Scratch


Free online coding- available on tablets and desktops, this is a popular progaming language used by the pupils at DJS.

Play and create, or remix other user's projects 

Try https://scratch.mit.edu/starter-projects for ideas.

Computer coding: Tynker 

Currently free

Similar to Scratch, but in a slightly different range of programming languages.

The hour of code section is particularly good, as it sets varied challenges


RE- Guardians of Ancora 

Story based tablet game that takes the player through biblical stories.

Tablet app- it is totally free.

If you like it, contact Mrs Grant or the office about joining the guardians club when we return to normal

PSCHE/Wellbeing: Jigsaw

Stories and activities designed to improve children's communication skills and mental well being

Read through the stories together and see where the discussion takes you.

Audiobooks for free- Audible

Currently free- Listen to a whole range of children's books read out to you. Can be streamed or downloaded

There are books for adults on here as well! Enjoy!

Art- The Crafty Classroom

A fantastic collection of art and craft ideas. On this page they are themed, and easy to sort through. The step by step instructions are clear and easy to follow.

The famous artists section has some fantastic ideas. There are a lot of advert links on this site, but the content and ideas are worth visiting.

Well-being: ELSA support

Lots of downloadable materials that have been made free. The activities are designed to support well being and positive mental health in children.

The social stories give a really good framework for adults to talk to children about the current situation in a safe and supportive way.

PE- indoor PE challenges

A range of planned challenges for PE inside the home!

This is regularly updated and they have lots of inventive ideas. Maybe the adults could join in as well?

PE- Youth Sport Trust

A range of PE activities specially designed by the Youth Sport Trust

The 60 second challenges and active breaks are very effective as refocusing activities.

General - Premier League Stars

A range of football linked activities that include Maths and English

Part of the premier League community program, scroll down to find activity ideas and follow the links to resources.

Science- WhIzz Bang Pop

A large collection of free resources from the schools science club.

The activities are arranged by year group.

Scroll down the page to find the experiments and ideas.

There is even one about how toilets work!

Science- Woodland trust

A brand new selector that organises activities by key stage and subject.

A lot of these activities can be done from the back garden, or form inside.

Science- Terrific Scientific

From the BBC, this is a range of investigations and scientific puzzles than can be done at home

Look at the links towards the bottom to "live lessons". This could develop further soon.

Science - STEM centre

A range of resources and ideas to try out. This is a huge site, and the ideas link to many different age areas of the curriculum. 

This is huge resource, covering lots of different subjects. It is also getting updated regularly.

Writing- Grammarsaurus

Range or free resources, including home learning packs. They are cross curricular, with a grammar and writing focus

This is normally a very expensive subscription service for schools- these resources on the linked page are free! 

Writing- Once upon a Robot

UK robotics writing competition for children 7-11.

Entry must be written on a computer and uploaded.

Prizes include a make your own robot electronic programming kit

Gov UK resource list

The Government's list of resources that can be used online for home education.

This list covers all school age children.

Out of the Ark Music

New songs added daily to sing along to.

Recommended by East Riding Schools Music service.

Each song comes with a range of activities to accompany it

Change for life 10 min shake up

A range of 10 minute activities that are designed to get the whole family active

All the activities are free and can mostly be done at home. Most importantly, they are Disney themed!

Stay at home Science

A series of science experiments that can be done at home with little no resources. This page is regularly updated, and has many links

Try the oobleck experiment. It is a solid? Is it a liquid? Miss Westerby would love to hear about your theories!

DJS home book

All DJS pupils went home with a work pack and a exercise book (DJS home book) to use at home.

Home Learning Pack 4- Published 12.6.20

Year 3

Y3 Emerging

Y3 Expected

Y3 Deeper


Year 4

Y4 Emerging

Y4 Expected

Y4 Deeper


Year 5

Y5 Emerging

Y5 Expected

Y5 Deeper


Year 6

Y6 Emerging

Y6 Expected

Y6 Deeper


Home learning Pack 3- Published 15.5.20

Year 3

Y3 Emerging

Y3 Expected

Y3 Deeper

Year 4

Y4 Emerging

Y4 Expected

Y4 Deeper

Year 5

Y5 Emerging (Maths Book) (English Book)

Y5 Expected (Maths Book) (English Book)

Y5 Deeper  (Maths Book) (English Book)

Year 6

Y6 Emerging

Y6 Expected

Y6 Deeper

Home learning Pack 2

Year 3

Y3 Emerging

Y3 Expected Standard

Y3 Greater Depth

Year 4

Y4 Emerging 

Y4 Expected Standard

Y4 Greater Depth

Year 5

Y5 Emerging

Y5 Expected Standard

Y5 Greater Depth

Year 6

Y6 Emerging

Y6 Expected Standard

Maths- 4 Rules

DJS maths page link

Year 3 

Year 4

Year 5 part 1, part 2, part 3

Year 6


Home Learning Project tasks

Year 3 - History: Ancient Egypt

Year 4 - History: Roman Empire

Year 5 - History: Ancient Greeks

Year 6 - Science: Light


Writing tasks

Creative writing tasks- to complete in home book.

Once upon a Picture - to inspire story starts

Once upon a Robot - Story writing competition.


Reading Realm pack 1

Reading Realm pack


Pick experiments you can do safely, and think how you will record the discoveries in your home book.

Science challenge

STEM science from home ideas

Engineering challenges

Year 5- Spot the International Space Station!

Year 5 - ISS video resources.



To use Digimaps use the postcode of YO35 5HN. 

Digimaps Scavanger hunt

Oddizzi- Where in the world?

Oddizzi- Physical features

Oddizzi- Weather and climate

Oddizzi - World explorers

Oddizzi -Food and Farming

Oddizzi - Global knowledge

Oddizzi - Places

Oddizzi - Physical features 2

Oddizzi- Weather and climate 2

Oddizzi- Country close up: Greece

Oddizzi- Food and farming 2


Sketchbook challenges

Illuminated letters challenge (Aimed at Y6)



Year 3

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Mr Inns' home workout plan

Alphabet workout plan

Little movers home workout ideas

Primary PE challenges

Gym Fit Gymnastics Week 1

Gym Fit Gymnastics Week 2

Gym Fit Gymnastics Week 3

Gym Fit Gymnastics Week 4

Design Technology

Lego challenge


Educational visits!

Virtual tour index



BBC Parent SEN toolkit

Speech and language

Early level

First level

Second level

NHS resources

These resources are normally only available in school- if a child accesses this provision in school, this will allow them to continue at home.

NHS speech resource

NHS language resource


This is understandably a strange and challenging time for young people. Below are materials that may help young people in your family understand what is happening. Social stories are one way in which we would do this in school.  Social stories can help some children with language and communication difficulties to develop a greater social understanding and stay safe. The stories are descriptive and have been written to share the important information using carefully chosen language. 

"What is Coronavirus?" social story

"School is closed at the moment" social story

"We are at home now" social story

"Social distancing" social story

"Watching a pandemic on TV" social story

"I can help" social story

Further resources

Coronoavirus story (Illustrated by Axel Scheffler)

A child's guide to Coronavirus

National Youth Agency  guide to wellbeing.

LLTTF guide to making a plan for wellbeing

Childline Coronavirus support page

YoungMinds support materials for adults and children

Supporting children through disruption (video)

CAMHS resource bank- Child and Adult mental health services resource bank. A huge range of effective resources

Mindshift: Low/no tech activities to try. As a break from online learning, try some of these activities.

Video resources What is it? Recommended use

PE with Joe Wicks

Daily PE lessons streamed live from his living room every day at 9:00.

Get your PE kit on and follow the master. Get the whole family involved.

Disney Dance Along

Dance along to you or your children's favourite Disney songs.

Part of a super website full of physical activities.

Mrs Mattimoe strongly recommends "Break this down" from the Descendants 3.

This Girl Can

A website that is all about getting active- The link takes you to the exercise with children section.

This website is great for introducing ways into sport for now and when life returns to normal.

 Dance with Go Noodle

Huge range of dance activities

Dance along with the video

Cosmic Yoga

Range of online Yoga Videos aimed at children

Clear a space and enjoy a free yoga session - adults can join in too!

Oti Mabuse Dancealong

Livestream dance lessons at 11:30 everyday.

Videos are stored so can be watched back again.

BBC Supermovers

Range of videos that are designed to get children active.

Great cross curricular links to other subjects

BBC Newsround

A classroom favourite, news items that are broken down into individual videos for different stories

Aimed at primary age children, this is more accessible that the main news, and explains in child friendly terms

 Oliver Jeffers: storytime

Award winning author is reading and performing his stories on this website- enjoy! 

Enjoy high quality storytelling for free

Book Trust Home Time


Daily videos with authors reading chapters from their books and illustrators showing how to bring characters to life

This is updating daily- currently "How to train your dragon".

The website has some amazing ideas for engaging children with reading The recommendations and bookfinder sections are very good.

David Walliams Readalong


Daily video of David Walliams reading extracts from his books

Only one video is online at a time- they get taken down after a day, so easy to find- the link takes you straight to the video.

Anneliese Emmans Dean- Poetry

Anneliese Emmans Dean, the poet who often works with year 6, has put together videos on her website of wildlife and her poems and invites children to do the same. 

Could you make your own poetry videos as well? For an even bigger challenge, can you find and film inspiring nature from your garden?

Jane Considine writing webinar


 Teacher demonstrates the best words and sentences to use in response to a video clip. Children then write their sentences. She will choose the best ones to go into a national story.

Subscribe for daily English a webinars for pupils to complete at home. 

Science- Maddie Moat

Daily science lessons, and a huge back catalogue of science and engineering videos aimed at children. She is an excellent presenter who explains tricky concepts well.

This channel is fantastically organised into different areas- experiments, topics, themes. 

Art for Kids Hub

Family based art channel with lots of "how to draw...." videos

The adult and child draw side by side in these videos, in clear easy to follow steps

SciShow kids

Short science videos, each taking on a simple question or area.

Range of experiments that mostly can be done safely at home...

A youtube channel that is well organised, and has a range of different areas of science covered.
Parent resources What is it? Recommended use


Usually a resource bank for teachers, they have opened up a free home learning hub. This is easy to navigate, and has plans, activities and resources to print off. Very useful if you have children of different ages as this resource covers the whole school range.

BBC Bitesize

A brilliant range of videos that support learning across the whole curriculum These videos are really well organised, and make good suggestions for what to

BBC teach

Huge range of activities and ideas in a well structured site. The videos and clips are a good start point for further learning.

White Rose Maths hub

Usually a teacher resource, they have made huge amounts of ideas for maths available.

While some of the representations are different to what DJS pupils encounter normally, this is a good way to improve fluidity!

 Check the video clips for ideas. Let the learner lead to a degree, and aim to cover content that has already been taught.

A huge part of maths is effective communication, so challenge children to explain their thinking in clear, mathematical terms

 National Online Safety


Our online safety hub.

Huge range of resources if you sign up (for free) Search through parent guides to lots of platforms, apps and games.

Online training, video guides and talk through are very useful to keep yourself up to speed with what children can do online.

Online Safety- Thinkuknow

Child activity packs released fortnightly. Develops children's understanding of how to stay safe and responsible online

The first is here.

Look at the information first before working with children on it.

This is best used in tandem with the adult support from the DJS online safety hub

Wordsearch maker

An online resource for making word searches.

Put in the words you want to hide, and if fills in the rest for you.

You need at least 10 words to find, and must put as title and description or it will not work.

Results are kept for 30 days online.

 Kahn Acadamy

A range of online videos that are useful to explain new concepts and ideas.

If you need to try explaining something in a different way!

Open University- OpenLearn

The Open University have a huge range of courses that have been made free for adult learners. Some lead to a qualification, or are the first steps towards one

This is one for the adults- there are some fantastic courses on here if you find something that interests you.