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        Since 2009, Driffield Junior School has been a Fairtrade School. This status has been awarded for the school’s work in teaching, promoting and celebrating Fairtrade.


        In order to maintain our Fairactive status, the school has to fulfill certain criteria:

                      There is a Fairtrade group which meets at least once a term.

                      Fairtrade is a regular topic for assemblies.

                      The school holds a Fairtrade fundraising event.

                      The school takes on an extra Fairtrade challenge - at Driffield Junior School this is fulfilled by our monthly Fairtrade Fridays.


What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade is a system of certification that aims to ensure a set of standards are met in the production and supply of a product or ingredient. In simple terms, it means that the farmers in the developing world are paid a fair price for their produce which covers their costs and allows them to maintain a decent standard of living. To benefit from Fairtrade, farmers must form co-operatives which must also meet certain ethical standards such as democratic decision making processes, environmental standards and representation of women. Fairtrade farmers also receive an extra payment called the Fairtrade premium which must be invested in their community. In this way, Fairtrade is a recognised tool for development.



Mbedza Projects Support


All money raised through Driffield Junior School’s Fairtrade activities goes to Mbedza Projects Support. As a school, we decided to support this charity due to its local roots - it was founded and grown by former Lockwood Street resident and Driffield School music teacher Julian Watson - and the fact that current and former Driffield Junior School staff members are on the board of trustees and can vouch for its excellent value for money. None of the UK directors take a wage and practically every penny raised goes to some of the poorest people in the world. You can discover more about the inspirational work of this amazing charity by visiting its website: . At the end of 2019, Driffield Junior School made a commitment to raise £100 a month to buy books for the MPS run library at Songani .


The MPS team at Songani
The MPS team at Songani