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 School Uniform


We believe that a school uniform is beneficial in creating a school identity and in helping to maintain high standards of appropriate dress.  Our parents and carers strongly support the wearing of school uniform and we hope all new parents and carers will continue this support.  It is very important that all items of clothing are named, as the school has no lost property facility since we expect to be able to hand back named found items straight away. 
The school sweatshirts, cardigans and polo shirts bearing the school crest are available from Drury Sports and H & K Embroidery in town.   We also have a small stock at the school office as well as PE kits, PE bags and school book bags. 

Boys’ Uniform
General Summer
White shirt or white ‘polo’ shirt White ‘polo’ shirt
Burgundy ‘crew’ neck sweatshirt Grey or black shorts
Grey or black trousers


Girls’ Uniform

General  Summer
White blouse or white ‘polo’ shirt White ‘polo’ shirt
Burgundy ‘crew’ neck sweatshirt   Grey or black skirt
or burgundy cardigan School dress
Grey or black skirt, dress or trousers                                      

All children should wear sensible black school shoes/sandals (not open-toed sandals for safety please).  Trainers are not allowed to be worn during the day apart from during PE lessons.

PE Kit - all children

Indoor PE                                                    Outdoor Games

Black shorts                                                  Black shorts
Plain white T-shirt                                         Plain white T-shirt
Plimsolls or bare feet                                    Trainers

                                                                     Football boots (optional)

 Lost Property

All clothing should be named so any that is ‘lost’ can be quickly returned.  Unnamed items ‘lost’ and not claimed will be disposed of at the end of every half term, or used within the school.


As a matter of school policy, we ask children not to wear any form of jewellery (rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, etc.) in school, for safety and security reasons.  If a child has pierced ears, then sleepers or studs should be worn, but not loop-style earrings. 
Regulations strongly recommend that no jewellery is worn for physical education lessons because of the danger of injury to the wearer and/or other pupils in the class.  This has been adopted by the Governing Body as school policy.  Children who normally wear earrings are asked not to wear them for school on days when they have physical education lessons.  No child will be allowed to take part in physical education lessons wearing earrings.

Other Items

Make-up and nail varnish should not be worn in school.