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Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL)- Mrs L Tate

My main role is the Designated Safeguarding Lead. I will address any concerns regarding Child Protection. I liaise with other agencies including Childrens Social Care to ensure children are protected.  My role is ensuring staff training (including my own) and policies and procedures are followed and kept up to date.

Another part of my role is to provide emotional support to children and their families. I work full time (8.30am – 4pm) and I am available throughout the school term. I am here to provide a friendly listening ear and offer emotional support for any troubles or worries. I can also signpost to other support agencies such as the Driffield Childrens Centre or our own ELSA programme.

I was delighted to join the school in September 2017. I have over twenty five years’ experience in working with children and families. I am totally committed to ensuring best outcomes for the child.

My office is located near the reception, quite handy for the children to pop in, which they do regularly!

Please feel free to pop in to see me or telephone to make an appointment, if you wish to discuss any concerns you have regarding your child.


Deputy Safeguarding Leads - Mrs L Laird and Mrs R Dixon

Child & Family Support - Mrs L Tate

Safeguarding Governor - Mrs  E Sutcliffe (Pupils), Mr R Kirven (Site & DBS)

Mrs L Tate: Child & Family Support and Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs L Tate: Child & Family Support and Designated Safeguarding Lead

East Riding Safeguarding Children Board publications adopted by Driffield Junior School

DJS Strategic Child Protection Safeguarding Policy 

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Staff and Volunteer Code of Conduct 






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