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    • Year 4
      It's been a busy week for Year 4.
    • Zoolab
      "A very amazing, once in a lifetime chance, to be able to learn about all of the animals. Be able to feel them, touch them and stroke them. Anything you'll like! "
    • Competition Winners
      Our "I'm unique, I'm Special, I'm Me" competition winners.
    • 3H A Super Start to DJS
      We've had a 'Super' start to life at DJS.
    • Y4 Rocks
      During our first week in year 4 we have studied Australia in 4S. On Friday we have looked at aboriginal art.
    • Y4 Camp
      Year 4 enjoyed camping on the school field on Friday evening!
    • To put your minds at rest.
      There have been more none credible hoax bomb threats to schools this morning. Driffield Junior School have not received this threat.
    • Bike Library Service Session
      Are the brakes and gears working properly on your loan bike? Are the tyres OK?
    • Chicks hatched in Y5
      We have an incubator in 5W and are delighted our eggs have hatched.
    • Spelling Bee
      Following our spelling bee this week, our winners received their £5 gift voucher in assembly.
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