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    Y6 Step Back in Time

    20 January 2017 (by KHamilton)

    Victorian Experience in Y6

    Year 6 were transported back in time, 150 years ago, to the Victorian Era. The day started by lining up outside in silence (with many approving comments from parents) and then continued as it would have done for Victorian children. Children had to learn to write on slate boards and with a quill and ink and took part in maths, reading and PE lessons. The more unruly children experienced the punishments that would have been dealt out including wearing the Dunce’s cap, having to wear a back straightener and even a finger lock. Although the teacher’s did have canes no children were harmed in the production of this day (despite repeated pleas from some children who claimed they wanted to be whipped?!) The year 6 children (and staff) really looked the part so thank you to everyone at home who helped the children prepare for the day.