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Year 6


Year 6 met some interesting visitors last week. As part of our Explorer topic children learnt about a variety of different creatures and how they have evolved to survive in their habitats. We certainly had fun - hope the animals enjoyed their visit too.

6M are feeling really proud of themselves. Although it was tricky at first, with a bit of perseverance and practice we are beginning to use long division. Well done everyone. Keep up the hard work.

Residential Visit Groups


As part of our Victorian topic we planned our very own Victorian experience. In order to make it authentic we read the schools log books from 150 years ago to find out what went on in our school. We also read books from the library, watched films and searched the internet. Finally, we put all our ideas together to create a realistic school day.

Victorian day was an interesting experience for all of us. It was a bit funny at times because the teachers were so strict but it was hard work too. Highlights included writing on slate boards and writing with quills. Trying out different punishments was interesting but we wouldn’t like to keep them. The back straightener and finger lock might get painful!

Year 6 have been putting the finishing touches to their animal shelters. After some careful designing, measuring and sawing we have finished our masterpieces.

During science today 6FR completed an investigation which focused on the relationship between voltage and lumens. We used the data loggers and recorded our results in a table.