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Back to the Stone Age

On Tuesday 7 May, 3S travelled to Murton Park to become the Cave Bear tribe.

We had to roar at our enemies and we had our own special mark on our foreheads. All of the tribe had jobs to do like making pots, grinding bread and going hunting.

Bird was our leader and she told us all about life in the Stone Age. Some of us got to help her and we all got to dress up.

We had an amazing time going back to 5000 BC!

The DJS pond is full of fantastic frog spawn. A treasure hunt led the children to see the frogs and their frog spawn. Hopefully they will turn into dozens of frogs!

Flying Mice - Science Week

Making Skeletons
Class 3H have been learning the scientific names for bones this morning. We made skeletons in the playground using natural resources and then labelled them up with their scientific names.

3H A Super Start to DJS

We've had a 'Super' start to life at DJS. Our mini topic has been superheros. What makes a superhero? How can we be heroes too? We studied the book Supertato and even made our very own vegetable super heroes!

That’s a rap!

3S blew us away in style in their final performance of The Wolf’s Story!