Bridlington Road, Driffield, East Yorkshire YO25 5HN

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Driffield Junior School

Caring, learning, sharing - Success for all


At Driffield Junior School we have two libraries and a book snug. Children are able to borrow books to take home using our Junior Librarian system. Each child has their own individual library card which enables them to scan books and return them independently. 

Most books are organised by reading age and content into coloured bands. Children are directed to a colour band suitable for their reading age from which they are able to make their own choice of book. However, when children are fluent readers they are able to choose any book from the libraries based on their personal preference. 


Our book snug is a cosy place where children can go to read any choice of book. The books in this area are not colour banded and children are free to choose any book and take them home. In the book snug we have a range of high quality, highly engaging texts including picture books that broaden children's reading experience.