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Improving and editing

Improving and editing work is a really important skill that we encourage children to develop throughout their time at DJS. After a piece of work has been completed, children should be checking that they have spelt keywords correctly before handing it in to their teacher.
For larger pieces of writing, children are given time to independently check their work, making necessary spelling and punctuation corrections but also to edit their work. By editing, children are improving the content by up-levelling word choices or changing sentence structure and punctuation to create more impact on the reader. We encourage that children continue to do this at home when completing homework activities. Sometimes, children will sit together and help edit and improve each other's work. Children enjoy taking on board the 'teacher' role and offering feedback; it is also really beneficial for them in spotting, explaining and correcting mistakes.
It is also beneficial for children to check their punctuation and spellings before returning any home based work to school.

Tips for checking homework before returning to school:

  • Has an appropriate pen or pencil been used?

  • Have capital letters been used appropriately?

  • Has the correct punctuation been used? If unsure, head to the punctuation page.

  • Is writing legible and joined accurately?

  • Do all sentences make sense and if they do not, how can we make them make sense?

  • Have familiar spellings or spellings that are on the sheet been spelt correctly?