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Driffield Junior School

Making Skeletons
Class 3H have been learning the scientific names for bones this morning. We made skeletons in the playground using natural resources and then labelled them up with their scientific names.

3H A Super Start to DJS

We've had a 'Super' start to life at DJS. Our mini topic has been superheros. What makes a superhero? How can we be heroes too? We studied the book Supertato and even made our very own vegetable super heroes!

That’s a rap!

3S blew us away in style in their final performance of The Wolf’s Story!

Driffield Show is taking place in a few weeks and to show how special this event is to our local community, Year 3 are busy painting farmyard scenes and producing (soon to be) award-winning handwriting.

Stone Age Experience

This morning 3Ha have spent the morning immersed in the stone age. We have made hand crafted tools from slate and wood, created beautiful cave paintings by candlelight and decorated our stone age pottery created at Murton Park.

What time is it in 3Ha?

It’s not easy learning to tell the time, but we had some fun in 3Ha asking each other what their time was.
Each of us had a different clockface which we could show but not say.
Some children even went home wearing their paper watch!

3S made themselves into a human clock to help them read the time

3S really enjoyed turning the classroom into a church with Miss Rowley to learn about the features of sacred places.

Back to the Stoneage

3H had an amazing time at Murton Park learning all about life during prehistoric times. The children had a go at lots of different activities that our ancient ancestors would have had to carry out in order to survive and thrive. As always, the children were a credit to the school!

3H have been investigating shadows this week and had lots of discussion about how shadows are made and how the size of shadows can be altered in different ways.

3H have been using information textbooks about the Second World War to help them with their own non-chronological reports about life in the 1940s. We will be writing these next week so please check back to have a look at some of our final pieces of work.

Egg Decorating

3H had an egg-cellent time creating their decorated masterpieces this week. The children had some fantastic ideas and used their skills of independence and perseverance to achieve their goal.

Reflective Properties
3Ha investigated what makes a good reflective material. We all put our coats on to see how safe they are at night and what we could do to help make them safer. Then we looked at other surfaces and how they reflect the light back to us.

3Ha kicked off a week of fun science with a mini-skittles experiment. Using iPads to record their findings the children placed skittles into water. It was amazing to watch the colours dissolving from the sweets and forming blobs in the petri-dish. The children have decided that for their curiosity afternoon they we investigate using different liquids to see if some work faster or slower. Watch this space!

Pen Pals
3Ha have been writing letters to another Year 3 class in New York as part of their letter writing project. Each hand-written letter was planned, drafted, edited and had beautiful decorations added to it. They have been received by the children in New York and a reply is on its way very soon!

Mother’s Day
Using our fingers and thumbs we created some very cute Mother’s Day cards for our lovely mums. We hope you liked them!

Library visit
3Ha had a wonderful trip to the library. Learning all about the different items available at our local library and how they all keep so organised. We then got the chance to share a book and even borrow some to take home.

3DM were evacuated to Murton Park where they quickly settled into their new lives. They enjoyed a variety of activities including gas mask training, building Morrison Shelters and making butter. On the journey home many of the class made it clear that the adults and teachers in the 1940s were far too strict and were looking forward to returning to 2018 the next day!

3Ha & 3S Murton Park

Pupils from 3Ha and 3S were evacuated yesterday to the countryside.

All children enjoyed a very ‘hands-on’ day at Murton Park. Activities included churning butter, making rag rugs, putting out incendiary bombs, making flapjack, washing by hand and cleaning the tack for the horses. It certainly was a busy day.

All pupils were delivered safely back to the parents at the end of the day!


Year 3 had a fantastic day packed full of activities during their recent ‘School in the 1940s’ experience day. Children took part in activities which captured the essence of schooling during wartime. All children had a chance to bake with Mrs Harrison, hone their handwriting skills with Miss Byrne and also take part in some traditional exercise drills with Mrs Morrell. However, only boys were permitted to take part in woodwork whilst the girls tried their hand at some traditional cross-stitch.

3Ha Investigating mirrors


Today we investigated all things mirrors.

How easy is it to write your name? Can you write a message to a friend? Can you answer these simple questions? Can you walk along a line on the floor?

All using only a mirror to see? Not as easy as it sounds!

Year 3 have been learning their times tables this week by playing a variety of games. Please keep practising at home boys and girls!


In art this week, 3H have been learning how to colour mix using primary and secondary colours

3Ha Death Masks

We’ve been very busy this term learning all about Ancient Egypt. During our art and design lessons all of the children have designed and made their very own death mask. Using papier-mâché techniques and mixing colours to paint the final results are amazing!

End of term games.

Children in year 3 had a lovely morning playing board games that they had brought from home. They’ve all worked really hard right up until then end of term so it was lovely to have some fun together as a class.

Christmas Baubles

3H and the rest of Year 3 have enjoyed making ceramic baubles this week with the help of the good folks at Education Workshop. We think you’ll agree that our creations are fit to adorn any Christmas tree. Your child will be bringing their brilliant bauble home with them soon.

3Ha – Letters to Santa

As it was Christmas jumper day and Christmas Dinner today 3Ha each wrote their letters to Santa. We thought carefully about what to ask for. We even added things that money just can’t buy and though about the value of Christmas to each of us.

The best bit? We each got our own individual replies for Santa too! The children have taken them home with them to keep and share with family.

3Ha spent some time this week getting the classroom ready for Christmas. Making decorations, decorating the Christmas tree and arranging our nativity scene was great fun. All we need now is the big man himself to give us a visit!

3Ha Exploring magnets

3Ha were scientists for the afternoon, exploring magnets and magnetism. We learnt about the different poles on a magnet and how some forces push and others pull. We also learn how some money is magnetic, but not all!


In 3DM we have been making Christingles and have discussed what each part represents. Later in the week we are going to use our knowledge of Instructional writing to help us write a clear set of instructions to go with our Christingle.

Y3 visit Hands-on-History

3Ha had a brilliant time at the Hands-on-History museum today. As part of their Egypt topic, the children got to see how a real life mummy is made by having a go making one out of the classmates! Fortunately it was all just pretend.

After lunch the children visited the Hull and East Riding museum to look at local history through the ages.

Writing to go with Pudsey work (3S)

In 3S we reflected on all the things that are good in our lives after we had found about some of the children who are being supported by Children in Need. We were thankful for being healthy, having loving families, food and shelter and even being able to go to school!

Pizza Making

3Ha have had a brilliant day making their own pizzas from scratch. Weighing and measuring their own dough, kneading and rolling plus topping their own pizzas they have all had a go at everything.
They were all delighted that they tasted as good as they looked!


In their English lessons, 3H have been using Lego Express to create their own fairgrounds before writing creatively about them.


In this week’s English lessons, Y3 have become vloggers and created their own instructional videos about ‘How to Make a Pirate Hat’


3H have been working hard on their football skills in preparation for their house competition after half-term.

3H Maths

In maths this week, 3H have been investigating the properties of 3D shapes and trying to prove if these properties are linked in any way.

Skeletons in 3Ha

3Ha were very excited to touch and feel a full sized model skeleton. As part of our healthy living topic we explored the bones and compared them to our own. We have lots of growing still to do!


Year 3 spent some time learning how to use a thesaurus.  The children worked beautifully in  pairs finding new words for verbs such as : walk, run and say.


Today in 3S we have sorted shapes into a carroll diagram.

Then Mrs. Mattimoe asked if it was True or False that we could make any 2D shape with an unlimited amount of straws. So we put our problem solving skills to the test.

We found out that it was false.  We could not make a circle or a semi circle because their sides are curved.  You can only make straight sided shapes.


3H have been learning all about the human skeleton this week.


3H really enjoyed their first dance lesson this week. During our warm up, we played ‘alphabet soup’ and made different letter shapes with our bodies. With the windy weather early on in the week, our main activity saw us looking at various ways of moving like the different winds that we have experienced.

Judo Taster Session

Year 3 enjoyed a judo taster session this week which was provided by East Yorkshire Judo Academy. The children enjoyed learning all about the traditions of judo and the skills involved.


During their first week, 3H learned about Driffield’s coat of arms. We decided to create our own to highlight the favourite things in our lives.

3S performing their Wolf Rap after studying performance poetry.

After weeks of planning 3S have thoroughly enjoyed making their picture frames.

3H had a wonderful time at Southburn Archaeological Museum learning lots of cool new facts about ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’.

Mysterious lily pads appear at DJS!


Year three tried to solve a mystery in the garden. Giant lily pads appeared overnight . The children tried to think where they could have come from. Here are some of their ideas.

St John Ambulance

Y3 were excited to have the opportunity to investigate the inside of an ambulance.

Smartie Maths

Over the last fortnight, children in Year 3 have been visiting Southburn Archaeological Museum near Nafferton. The visit was linked to our current history topic, ‘Stone Age to Iron Age’. It was a fantastic learning experience for the children which really struck home how much history is on our doorstep. The museum is run by a number of very enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers who made our visits very memorable.  

Y3 Visit

3G really got a lot from their trip to Southburn archaeological museum on Monday. They did weaving, shaped clay pots, ground corn and made models. The volunteers were hugely enthusiastic and informative and the children learned an enormous amount. What an excellent start to the Stone Age topic!

Making Photo Frames

Year 3 have recently been designing, making and evaluating photo frames. During the making process, children measured and cut all of their own wood for their marvellous creations. We think they are amazing! Well done Year 3.

3S Easter Egg Decorating.

3S enjoyed their Easter egg decorating and can’t wait to hear who the winners are.

Year 3 Visit the Ryedale Folk Museum

Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed their trip to Ryedale Folk Museum this week. Whilst there, the children experienced life during World War 2 and couldn’t believe how different things were! Finding out sweets were rationed was a real shock!


Year 3 have been looking at solving Maths problems and have shown great resilience in tackling them.

Art Day

On Art Day 3S look at the artist Gaudi and then tried to create work in his style.


3D and 3B had lots of fun creating a Gaudi inspired sculpture using a range of different media. We had a brilliant two days learning lots of new techniques whilst using our new found knowledge of colour theory too!

Well done to both classes. You showed resilience and great team work! 


3B had fun investigating light using mirrors. They had to try and change the direction the light was travelling in so the light source lit up the object at the end of their maze.


3H had a fantastic gymnastics lesson this week. We were focussing on travel, jumping and landing with style. As you can see from the pictures, the children had fun exploring different ways of leaving the apparatus!


Year three children learnt how to mix secondary colours using powder paints. They also learnt which colours are complimentary. 

Time Machine Writing

One day I went to explore in the forest. All of a sudden, I saw an odd den and I strolled into it. BANG went the door. I screamed!

Then I tiptoed all the way to a triangular shape. It had a rapid seatbelt and a long pole on top of a blue ball. Next to the flashing buttons was a leather flower shaped steering wheel, a colourful wall and peach boosters . I moved more towards it. I climbed on board. And then… I pressed a button. Slowly, I forced the bronze lever forward while metal clanged. I managed to get up to the clouds. I was so, so scared!

But after a while I got used to it. In the middle of the ride I forgot all the buttons. One was blue , another was red and I didn’t know what to do.

By Evie


I was climbing a mountain. I climbed and climbed and climbed… When I got to the top, there was a funny looking machine. I sat down on it. On the floor there were three golden pedals and on top of the wind screen there was a clock inside a glass bubble. There was a lever. I pushed the lever and then….it was rushing through the air for hours and hours. While it was still going, I had a look in the boot. I was very hungry and there was jam and toast. I bet you are thinking why jam? The machine runs on jam. It was really, really delicious. The steering wheel steered itself but I had to turn the gear sticks. All of a sudden…Zoom! Crash! BANG! I landed with a thud…

By India


In my shed I saw an old rusty machine. I said to myself what could it be?

The machine was blue, black, red and green. It had metal jet boosters, headlights, solar lights, an emergency first aid kit, an emergency wand, a leather covered steering wheel, a hover board, a comfortable seat, a crystal engine, a glass window and two diamond generators. At the back were turbo boosters. In front of the steering wheel was a shiny golden button!

I thrust open the metal door, even though metal clanged. I hopped into the machine and I saw amazing things. I saw the golden shiny button again, so I pressed it and set off into the sky.

By Leo

Time Machines

The children in 3D used Lego to create amazing time machines. Then they wrote about them. Watch out for our writing which is coming soon.

Hand on History 

3H had a fantastic time at the brilliant Hands on History museum in Hull. We learned huge amounts about our Ancient Egypt topic, which has allowed us to produce some fantastic recounts of the trip (watch this space!)

Artwork in the style of Cezanne.


Year 3 created this beautiful work using pastels. They had to look carefully to match the shapes and colours.


Is the length from your wrist to your elbow the same as the length of your foot?

Is the length of your ear the same as the length of your nose?

Is the combined total of the length of all your fingers the same as the length from your shoulder to your wrist?

All excellent questions.  3G spent their maths lesson investigating these. Take a look at these photos to see them in action.

Good Work

Reuben and Megan from 3D were sent to Mrs Laird’s office! Don’t worry…they weren’t naughty. No, they had done some great writing and Mrs Laird could see a real improvement in their work. They both got a special sticker to say ‘well done’.

The children in 3D were using their response time to look back at their writing from yesterday to edit and improve their work. Mrs Dixon was giving them a helping hand.

Look at how hard this 3D pupil was working to form her ‘b’ and ‘d’ beautifully so that she will be able to join her handwriting. Fantastic!

Mrs Laird was pleased to see some 3B pupils in an intervention session with Mrs Said learning their number bonds to 20. They were thinking really hard!

Y3 lead Harvest Festival Celebrations

Thank you to everyone who came to watch our recent celebration of Harvest. Each class created their own performance which they thoroughly enjoyed.

3D make 3D shapes!

Paul Cezanne art

3D have been learning how to draw apples using art pencils. We looked carefully at line, shape and tone. Here are some of our results.

Marvellous Lego Vehicles

3D had great fun making Lego vehicles.  Our brief was to design a vehicle that could carry an egg without it breaking . Here are some of our vehicles.

Lego maths

3D have been enjoying learning times tables using Lego. Look at some of our practice!

Big Writing

In 3H, we have had our very first 'big write' which we will do every Friday. In this session, children are encouraged to discuss, plan and write their very own extended piece of creative writing, before they then edit the work on the following Monday. The children have done brilliantly in their first piece and enjoyed the relaxing background music and the flickering safety 'candles'.