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Driffield Junior School


Our Philosophy:
Every child has the right to a happy, caring learning environment in which he/she can develop their full potential, irrespective of ability, race or
The ability to succeed is not fixed and this is clear in both lesson design and through our commitment to whole-class teaching.
Learning in maths focuses on depth of understanding rather than breadth of coverage.
Pupils ‘keep up’ rather than ‘catch up’ and all children are given opportunity to access the mathematics.
High expectations are made clear to all learners.
Emphasising the high value of mathematics education to all stakeholders (staff, governors, pupils, parents and carers) is key to our children
becoming successful mathematicians.
All staff actively improve their pedagogical understanding of mathematics and recognise the importance of a mastery approach.

What does mathematics look like at DJS?
A mastery approach
Our school uses the ‘Maths No Problem’ resource which incorporates Bruner’s theory of a CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach and
‘The 5 Big Ideas of Mastery’. Lessons are centred around rich mathematical discussion and CPA to expose the maths. Written work (often a
small proportion of the lesson) consists of daily workbook work and journaling activities.
The whole class are together
We teach mathematics to mixed-ability classes and do not pre-group children according to preconceived overall ability. Instead, formative
assessment is used to group children at the point of need so that appropriate scaffolding can be put in place. Some children require extra
support during or after lessons to enable them to access the content of the next lesson. Individuals with specific learning needs are taught a
parallel curriculum using content from a lower year (co-ordinated and monitored by our SENCo).
Longer, but deeper
Lessons follow the Maths No Problem long-term overview. The long-term overview focuses on a clear and coherent journey through
mathematics within each year to address the three aims of the national curriculum. Concepts are taught in a structured way to build secure
knowledge and understanding before moving onto something new. Connections between mathematical concepts are made explicit. All
concepts are introduced and underpinned using a concrete, pictorial, abstract (CPA) approach.
Mathematical models, images and representations are an integral part of the mathematics curriculum. Concrete manipulables and pictorial
representations are essential to expose mathematical structure for children. Children will move between these three steps within each lesson.



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